Usui- Reiki the universal life energy


Reiki is an ancient healing method, which is older than 2,500 years and was mentioned in ancient Sanskrit Sutras.  In the 19th century Reiki has been rediscovered by a buddhist monk of Japan, named Dr. Mikao Usui.
Since then, the Usui system is practiced and passed extensive in many countries over the world.

Reiki (pronounced Ree-Kii) means universal life energy which flows through the Reiki giver, who serves as a Reiki channel. Nothing is added by the own energy of the Reiki- Practitioner. It simply flows through the Reiki practitioners. The reiki energy works on all levels: physical, mental / spiritual, emotional and mental level. Amazingly, operates the universal energy, which flows through the open channel of Reiki practitioners, always connected with the higher self of the recipient, so that always happens the best without any influence or manipulation by the practitioner.

If you are interested to learn Reiki or pass it on, it is necessary to attain the initiations and comply with the regular practice on the way to conscious interaction with the universal life energy. Scripts are elaborated by me where you can read the most important information about all initiations. With the conclusion of the dedication for every reiki- degree , a document stating the respective degrees after Reiki Mikao Usui system.


 Reiki can't replace conventional medicine. If it is necessary, please consult a doctor.


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The Reiki Degrees

Reiki the 1. Degree

Initiation into the 1. Reiki degree allows yourself to give Reiki to animals, plants, and foods- when it is not tolerated as well. The self-healing powers are activated and your self-oscillation is increased. You'll perceive everything finer than before and spiritually nature grows. When Reiki is practiced for some time and your own experience has been gained, also the practice is integrated into your daily life, the initiation into the second degree  may take place.

Reiki the 2. Degree

With the second degree of Reiki you will experience a further increase vibration and you'll be able to teletransmission to the Reiki receiver, every living being, any time and any place in the world sending reiki. A remote transmission through time and space is possible.There are more applications available. With the initiation to the Reiki symbols, the mental level and spatio temporal distance can be acquired, which are intended for long-distance Reiki.
Reiki the 3. Degree

The third Reiki degree is closing the circle of Reiki by a fourth symbol, the master symbol. It is the highest level of Reiki, and it is the Reikimaster and Reikiteacher at the same time. The third level, the Reiki Master acts on the soul level. In your regular practice you learn to expand your own unlimited application possibilities. By the third degree you are able to pass on your gift on your own students.