.. the heart of listening..

Cranio = head
Sacral = sacrum
Balancing = balance




Like the heartbeat or breathing rhythm exists a vital, independent, own rhythm, between the head and sacrum, where the brain and spinal cord fluid "Liquor" is flowing. It affects our health and our well-being, the cranio sacral movements pulse, the entire body as a rhythmic wave, like movement of the whole body can be sensed on the connective tissue with hands.
A free flow of the CSF allows the nervous system, the muscles, organs, bones and the whole tissues in the body, a good communication among together, and it helps dissolving blockades from outside to inside and from the inside to the outside.
Cranio Sacral Balancing is a manual therapy that belongs to osteopathy.
By accident, trauma or life crises the cranio sacral rhythm can come into imbalance and this can affect the body functions and the mental state.
Cranio Sacral Balancing also creates the possibility to be more in touch with your feelings, your own needs and desires. Being in touch with your body is very important in this process and can help you to become aware of the feelings or the thoughts that may be underlying.

The method of treatment is reduced to a minimum of manipulation.
As a Cranio- Practitioner I give impulses, but I don't correct the inherent health of the human body. It is a journey to the self, where the embassies of their own bodies are perceived and personal growth is supported.

Cranio Sacral Balancing is treated at the clothed body, focusing skull (cranium), the spine and sacrum (Sacrum) in a comfortable location on the massage table.
The treatment is very well tolerated in general. After treatment, it can also happen that after-effects are felt, old complaints emerge again, an altered body sense appearing, or that tiredness occurs.



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Treatment: by request
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Craniosacral body work can not replace conventional medicine, so if it is necessary

consult a doctor.