Shamanic Journey and Astrology



is an ancient science, which shows us a picture of the whole reality and is reproduced in an  exactly calculated birth Radix.
In this radix we can see our own individual vibration energy, which acts inside our body and we preceive it as a specific vibration.
The horoscope shows us promotional forces, opportunities and limits and the deeper meaning of events. The energies of the solar system, the zodiac and the planets are acting on all living things and go through them.

 With the realization of these opportunities, we can act conscious as creators of our own lives and the environment. I'll show you ways and views under this perspective and encourage you to find your own individual way, and also to help you dissolve blockades, which can be stucked in your body and mind.

My offering:


In a Shamanic Journey, I will look at your birth radix and bring you messages to your questions from the planetary energies and the spiritual world. After that we'll meet by agreement in a a cozy café for a personal conversation, without astrological jargon.

For a personal astrological birth chart and the journey I need the following information for the preparation:


Date of birth
exact time
place of birth



individual questions available by e-mail: contact